Dr. Mary C. Ishepe Nandili, PhD, MPH, BSc, Dip Mx, RN

Dr. Mary C. Ishepe Nandili, PhD, MPH, BSc, Dip Mx, RN
Independent Board Member

Mary is a Registered Nurse with Midwifery and holds a Doctorate in Public health with a specialty in civil society organization and HIV and AIDS. She has a Master of Public Health and Epidemiology, an undergraduate in Project Planning and Management, and a Diploma in Strategic Management.

She has a wide range of skills in leadership and management; medical emergency, Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS and other communicable diseases, Project design & management, and Research.

Mary has over 20 years of experience in Nursing and midwifery practice, education, and research as well as in the field of Public health. She provides overall strategic leadership; and advice on matters related to the Nursing and midwifery profession to the government. She formulates policies and strategies for the profession and oversees the activity implementation process through monitoring and evaluation of policy implementation.

She is also a member of various local and international councils and Board, members for MHRMAC, Kenya Medical Training Institutions, School Boards, International Union against TB and Lung Disease; Nursing Council of Kenya, and Association of Women Health Obstetric and Neonatal Nursing. She is also a panelist for the British Medical Journal review.